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Users can invest in stocks and ETFs using different Order Types based on their personal strategies. The Order Types we offer are: Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Order and Market-if-Touched Order.

We promise you no hidden fees and fair pricing.

Monitor stocks and ETFs in a well-organized watchlist to help identify trading opportunities, track portfolio performance, or monitor hot or popular stocks.

Get real-time push notifications on price movements for stocks & ETFs of your selection.

Our Themes and Trackers offer a wide variety of analytics tools to help users stay up to date on all their stocks, while enabling them to develop an investment thesis and make strategic and purpose-driven investment decisions.

Enhance your investment knowledge and make informed decisions with our market-related insights, designed to promote financial well-being.

Never miss a beat and stay informed with quick and easy access to the most relevant regional and international news in just a few minutes a day.