A $100M Booster Shot

A $100M Booster Shot

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  • Alkhair Capital, an asset management and investment banking company, has introduced a $100 million fund dedicated to healthcare technology ventures, aiming to diversify its investment portfolio. This Sharia-compliant investment fund, domiciled in the Dubai International Financial Centre, will target companies utilizing advanced artificial intelligence to enhance healthcare providers' capabilities. The open-ended fund intends to provide liquidity to support the growth of its target companies, addressing challenges faced by the expanding healthcare sector in the region.
  • Naveed Aurakzai, CEO of Alkhair Capital Dubai, emphasized the fund's role in alleviating liquidity constraints faced by medical facilities, citing delays in medical claims processing and payment receipt from insurance companies. The healthcare sector in the GCC and the broader MENA region has witnessed significant growth, fueled by factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, government reforms, and mandatory health insurance policies. Alkhair Capital's strategic partnership with Klaim Technologies underscores its commitment to proactive investment management, with a focus on balancing liquidity requirements and achieving favorable returns in the short to medium term.

Why it matters

This initiative addresses critical challenges, such as liquidity constraints, that hinder the growth and profitability of medical facilities. Additionally, it aligns with the broader trend of increased investments in the healthcare sector, driven by government reforms and the continued expansion of the sector in the GCC and MENA region. The fund's focus on AI-powered healthcare solutions positions it to capitalize on the growth and innovation in the health tech industry, which has attracted significant global funding.


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