AI Riches

AI Riches

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  • Following Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's company surpassing profit and forecast expectations, his fortune experienced a notable surge of $4.2 billion. This gain was propelled by the company's shares, which climbed by up to 10% in post-market trading. Consequently, Huang's overall wealth reached $46.1 billion. Current indicators suggest that his capability to sustain this increase might position him among the 25 wealthiest individuals globally. 
  • The company's shares witnessed a remarkable upswing during the pandemic, as the cryptocurrency upsurge drove heightened utilization of its chips for mining purposes. Despite later experiencing a nearly two-thirds decline over a year, the shares rebounded. In the ongoing year, the company's value has more than tripled due to surging demand for AI technologies.

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Demonstrating its robust progress, the company's revenue experienced a remarkable doubling in the latest quarter. Notably, the company has inked agreements with key players like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Samsung Electronics to manufacture chips.


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