Airbus Is Stalling

Airbus Is Stalling

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  • Airbus SE faced a 9% decline in Q1 jetliner deliveries, with 127 aircraft delivered compared to the previous year. The parts shortage issue that impacted last year's output continued to affect the deliveries this year as well. In March, the company delivered 61 aircrafts. The Q1 drop in deliveries may impede Airbus' objective to increase shipments to 720 this year, as stated by Berenberg.
  • For Airbus and Boeing Co, meeting delivery targets is essential for maintaining cash flow since a significant portion of payments are expected at the time of delivery. However, Airbus faced production delays in January due to supply chain restrictions, resulting in only 20 planes being handed over initially.

Why it matters

Airbus, has set a target of producing 65 A320-family units per month by the end of 2024, with a subsequent increase to 75 by 2026. However, these targets are approximately a year behind Airbus's previous estimates. To achieve these goals, Airbus recently declared its intention to enhance production in China by establishing a second A320 final-assembly line.


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