Big boy EVs

Big boy EVs

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The wheels on the EV go round and round — and for Stellantis, its partnership with Toyota goes on and on, having agreed to supply new large-size vans, including an electric version, for the European market. The new vehicle, which will be available around mid-2024, will also be sold under the Toyota brand and produced in Stellantis' plant in Gliwice, Poland, and Atessa, Italy. For the past decade, Stellantis and Toyota have collaborated on commercial vehicles, with Toyota's mid-size van built at Stellantis' Hordain facility in France, followed by a small van made at Stellantis' Vigo plant.

Sustainability is the word as elsewhere, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is adding new battery-powered truck models to its lineup. The eActros LongHaul, the eActros 300, and the eActros 400, targeted for long-distance travel, will be available in 2024. In July of this year, Mercedes-Benz will begin the production of its eEconic vehicle, which is optimized for urban use.

Why it matters

Stellantis, like many others, has committed to the fight against climate change, pledging in March this year to achieve carbon net-zero emissions by 2038, with a 50% reduction by 2030, through its Dare Forward 2030 initiative. Likewise, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has outlined its electrification strategy, promising that more than half of its new truck sales in Europe will be zero-emission vehicles. So, what do the rest of us do with our sinful vehicles?


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