Boeing’s Bumpy Takeoff

Boeing’s Bumpy Takeoff

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  • Boeing (BA) has recorded a $663M loss for its fourth quarter due to supply chain issues. Meanwhile for the full year of 2022, Boeing saw a loss of $5B despite a 7% increase in revenue as aircraft sales and deliveries surged.
  • These stats may come as a surprise since its commercial aircraft unit generated $9.2B in sales in the fourth quarter – up 94% from 2021. However, these losses can be attributed to expenses such as research and development. Despite the numbers, Boeing is optimistic about generating between $3-5B in free cash flow in 2023.

Why it matters

While the aviation industry boomed post-COVID, Boeing is coming in slow with aircraft production till the supply chain is under control. Till then, it is producing 31 of its 737 jets/month and will increase to about 50/month in 2025 or 2026.


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