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Byte Out of Digital

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  • Amazon (AMZN) has launched a new academy in Saudi Arabia to support the country's digital economy human capital program. The Saudi Digital Academy and Tuwaiq Academy will run the academy in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The goal is to train 30,000 Saudis, award 35,000 certificates, and provide 100 internships by 2025.

  • The curriculum was created by Amazon Web Services and its operations and customer experience teams, and will include virtual self-paced modules, in-classroom sessions, and hands-on workshops covering cloud architecture, AI, machine learning, data analytics, end-to-end customer fulfillment, and entrepreneurship. The academy aims to boost Saudi Arabia's ambition of creating local talent to support Vision 2030.

Why it matters

Saudi Arabia is encouraging entrepreneurship and seeking investments into its digital transformation programme as it promotes the use of new-age technology in preparation for the future economy. Especially with the global digital transformation market is projected to reach approximately $3.95 trillion by 2030.


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