Dialing Up Dollars

Dialing Up Dollars

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  • Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, also known as du, reported a 31% increase in net profit for the second quarter, reaching Dh397.2 million ($108 million). This rise in profit was driven by a 7% annual growth in revenue, which reached Dh3.3 billion. Mobile service revenue saw a nearly 8% growth, reaching Dh1.5 billion, while fixed services revenue experienced a significant 11% jump to Dh948 million, mainly attributed to increased customer demand.
  • This news highlights du's strong financial performance in the second quarter, with significant growth in both net profit and revenue. The 31% rise in net profit indicates the company's effective management and ability to capitalize on the growing demand for telecommunications services in Dubai. 

Why it matters

The 7% increase in revenue demonstrates du's success in meeting the needs of its customers, both in the mobile and fixed services sectors. As a key player in the Dubai telecom market, du's positive financial results may also signal overall economic growth and consumer confidence in the region.


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