Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation

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  • Mike Abbott, a former executive at Apple's Cloud Services division, has been appointed by General Motors to head a newly established software department for the automaker based in Detroit. As of May 22, Abbott will serve as the executive vice president of software at GM and will be reporting to the company's CEO, Mary Barra.

  • Abbott has been appointed to a newly established position that consolidates three distinct functions at the company: software-defined vehicle and operating systems, digital technology, and the digital business division. GM aims to increase its profit margins and double its revenue to approximately $280 billion by the conclusion of this decade, which entails substantial expansion in novel business units and software.

Why it matters

On Tuesday, Abbott released a statement expressing his belief that software has the potential to revolutionize consumer and enterprise experiences in unprecedented ways. Abbott held a senior position at Apple, where he oversaw the company's cloud projects, such as iCloud and the infrastructure for services like iMessage and FaceTime. In March, reports surfaced indicating that he intended to resign from his position at the tech giant.


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