Einstein GPT

Einstein GPT

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  • Salesforce (CRM) has officially thrown its hat into the ChatGPT ring, announcing that it's harnessing the power of AI with its new Einstein GPT offering. The software will help salespeople, customer service agents, and marketers do their jobs more efficiently, leveraging OpenAI's technology that's been shaking up the tech world since its public debut in November.
  • Salesforce is taking its Service Cloud feature up a notch with an AI-powered chatbot that can provide answers to questions based on existing data stored in the system. With a few clicks, agents can review and send responses to inquiries, making customer service a breeze. Prior to making the new features available to the public, Salesforce is testing the waters with a pilot program to measure how it performs.

Why it matters

Salesforce is limiting data to maintain accuracy and reliability of Einstein GPT in recognition of the potential risksof using AI in a business context. Generative AI is in high demand, but companies must be cautious due to potential risks of incorrect information.


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