Elon’s Latest Episode

Elon’s Latest Episode

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  • Elon Musk, suprised the world yet again, with another one of his infamous meltdowns – this time targeting several journalists on his new platform. Over the weekend, Musk reversed the ban of several journalists on Twitter after claiming, they violated the company’s newly instituted rule prohibiting the sharing of information about his real-time location which endangered his family. 

  • After posting a poll on his personal Twitter account that concluded Friday night with 59% of participants voting in favor of immediately restoring the accounts, Musk announced he would be moving forward with the reinstatement.
  • The banned accounts included several famous reporters, which have either deleted their tweets or appealed this decision. Banning these accounts throws into doubt Musk’s commitment to free speech and stirred up a lot of attention from its competitor Mastodon as many Twitter quitters have relocated there.

Why it matters

Musk’s recent move has received backlash from news organizations, the American Civil Liberties Union, United Nations, Democratic members of Congress and followers. Amid the controversy, Musk asked Twitter users to vote on whether he should step down as head of the social media site. 


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