From Riyadh to Wall Street

From Riyadh to Wall Street

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  • Sanabil Investments, a venture arm of Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, has revealed its connections to over 50 venture capital and private equity firms, such as Blackstone and KKR & Co. It is among the initial public disclosures of its investments. As per its website, Sanabil Investments injects approximately $2 billion annually into small buyout assets, growth, and ventures across the globe.
  • The company allocates around half of its assets to venture capital, 30% to private equity, and 20% to a "liquid portfolio," according to its website.

Why it matters

The disclosure by Sanabil Investments, owned by the $600 billion Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, provides a detailed account of the venture capital and private equity firms it is tied to. The disclosure also includes Sanabil's direct investments in companies such as Bird and Caffeine. However, the website doesn't reveal the amount of assets Sanabil manages.


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