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Game of Loans

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  • China Evergrande Group faces a challenging liquidation process after a Hong Kong court issued an order, marking a significant milestone in the property giant's unravelling. The court's decision, led by Judge Linda Chan, underscores Evergrande's descent from a $300 billion property powerhouse during China's debt-driven boom to a company valued at just $275 million, down over 99% from its peak. The liquidation, representing the largest in China's ongoing property crisis, will test the legal jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts over Evergrande's predominantly Chinese assets.

  • Evergrande's collapse, emblematic of China's property turmoil, has broader implications for global investors concerned about an uneven playing field for foreign capital in China. Policymakers must strike a delicate balance between shoring up investor confidence, ensuring the completion of unfinished homes, and maintaining financial system resilience amid the property sector's challenges. The liquidation proceedings will closely monitor the actions of the appointed liquidators, including their ability to gain recognition from designated People's Republic of China (PRC) courts.

Why it matters

The declining valuation, with most Evergrande assets in mainland China, presents a complex situation for any court-appointed liquidator. As China grapples with a property market slump, the Evergrande liquidation adds to concerns about a potential snowball effect on other pending cases and its broader impact on investor sentiment in the battered property sector.


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