Golden Arches Go Dark

Golden Arches Go Dark

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  • As part of a broader restructuring plan, McDonald's (MCD) has decided to temporarily close its U.S. offices this week to inform corporate employees about upcoming layoffs. In an internal email sent last week to US employees and some international staff, the fast-food chain has requested employees to work from home from Monday through Wednesday to deliver staffing decisions virtually. 
  • According to the report, McDonald’s urged its employees to cancel any face-to-face meetings with vendors or other external parties at its headquarters. The fast-food company declined to comment on the exact number of employees who were affected by the layoffs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Why it matters

McDonald's announced in January that it would cut corporate jobs and pause some initiatives, despite opening new stores. The job cuts were to be finalized by April 3. Many industries, including technology and retail, are cutting positions due to rising inflation and a potential economic downturn affecting consumer demand. Other companies, such as Walt Disney, Walmart, Amazon, and Meta, have also recently announced job cuts.


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