Hanging By a Thread

Hanging By a Thread

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  • Meta is gearing up to launch a web version of its Threads application, aiming to compete with the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. Threads has seen a drop in user numbers since its July 5, 2023 launch. The introduction of the web version is anticipated to boost Threads' adoption, particularly among brands, companies, advertisers, and journalists, simplifying account management.
  • Although the Meta website hasn't specified a launch date, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram leading the Threads project, indicated that the release might be imminent. According to recent reports, the web version could potentially become accessible this week. Initially, Threads garnered massive interest with 100 million users signing up within the first five days. However, its popularity waned as users seemingly returned to the more established X platform after the initial curiosity about the new Meta offering.

Why it matters

Having settled down after its initial buzz, Threads' potential influence on internet culture remains uncertain. As the platform, now renamed, undergoes substantial changes led by Elon Musk, there's a chance to draw in former Twitter users who are exploring alternative online spaces.


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