Joining Forces

Joining Forces

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  • The UAE, France, and India have formed a tripartite cooperation initiative to collaborate on projects like solar and nuclear energy, combating climate change, and protecting biodiversity in the Indian Ocean.
  • The three countries will work together on initiatives such as the Mangrove Alliance for Climate, led by the UAE, and the Indo-Pacific Parks Partnership, led by India and France. They will also tackle issues like single-use plastic pollution, desertification, and food security.
  • The members have stressed on defense cooperation, technology transfer, and stronger communication on emerging threats like pandemics. In addition, the alliance will promote cultural cooperation through heritage promotion and protection.

Why it matters

As pioneers of technological advancement, this trilateral alliance will drive global sustainable projects, and organize events in the framework of the Indian presidency of the G20 and the UAE’s hosting of COP28 in 2023.


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