Jolt the Inventory

Jolt the Inventory

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  • Tesla is offering three months of free fast-charging in the US for customers who purchase a new Model 3 sedan and take delivery by June 30. This promotion aims to clear inventory before the end of the quarter. The offer is available even though all versions of the sedan now qualify for the full $7,500 federal tax credit.
  • Investor concerns about Tesla producing more vehicles than it delivers have eased as the carmaker gains traction with its proprietary plugs. Charging companies, along with Ford and General Motors, are now adopting Tesla's North American Charging Standard, validating its effectiveness.

Why it matters

Tesla reduced vehicle prices, prioritizing sales growth over profit margins. They delivered 422,875 vehicles in Q1 and aim to reach their 1.8 million target for the year. To boost sales, they offer three years of free fast-charging for Model S and Model X, in addition to leveraging their Supercharger network.


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