Meet LLaMa

Meet LLaMa

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  • Meta (META) has announced it will release a new large language model called LLaMA, developed by its Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team. The model is intended to help scientists and engineers explore applications for AI such as answering questions and summarizing documents. LLaMA will be available under a non-commercial license to researchers and entities affiliated with the government, civil society, and academia, and Meta said LLaMA could outperform competitors that examine more parameters.
  • The release of LLaMA comes as large tech companies and well-capitalized startups alike race to tout advances in artificial intelligence techniques and integrate the technology into commercial products. LLaMA has shown a lot of promise in generating text, having conversations, summarizing written material, and more complicated tasks like solving math theorems or predicting protein structures. 

Why it matters

AI has emerged as a bright spot for investments in the tech industry, whose slowing growth has prompted widespread layoffs and a cutback on experimental bets. Meta's new release of the LLaMA model is worth noting, especially since it stands out from the hype around AI chatbots. This could be seen as a positive development, considering the negative attention Microsoft faced after quickly launching Bing and the negative impact on Google's stock price when its chatbot made a mistake during a demonstration.


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