Meta's Playbook

Meta's Playbook

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  • Meta has introduced an artificial intelligence model with the remarkable capacity to translate and transcribe conversations across numerous languages. This innovation lays a potential foundation for tools that could revolutionize real-time communication, erasing language barriers. The company detailed in a blog post that their "Seamless MT4" model possesses the capability for text-to-speech translation and its reverse in nearly 100 languages. Additionally, it offers comprehensive speech-to-speech translation in over 35 languages, uniting technologies that were previously available only in distinct models.
  • Mark Zuckerberg envisions these tools fostering interactions among users worldwide within the Metaverse, a constellation of interconnected virtual realms that represents the company's future direction. Meta has announced its intention to provide this model for public use, specifically for non-commercial purposes. Throughout the year, the social media powerhouse has unveiled a selection of free AI models, including a sizable language model named Llama.

Why it matters

Zuckerberg said that the open artificial intelligence system is in the interest of Meta, as the company will achieve more gains by crowdsourcing in creating tools for direct contact with consumers on its social platforms, rather than charging fees for the right to view and use models, but Meta faces legal questions.


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