Model 3 Gets a Makeover

Model 3 Gets a Makeover

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  • Tesla Inc. has officially released the long-anticipated refreshed Model 3 sedan in North America, a move that has been widely anticipated for several months. This launch follows the earlier introduction of the upgraded vehicle in China and Europe. Elon Musk, at the helm of the Austin-based company, initially unveiled the Model 3 to great acclaim in March 2016, marking a significant milestone. However, the subsequent months were characterized by what Musk famously referred to as "production hell" as Tesla grappled with scaling up production.
  • The announcement regarding the availability of the upgraded Model 3 was made through X, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk. Interested customers can now sign up on Tesla's website to receive notifications when the refreshed Model 3 becomes available for test drives. The automaker's facelift for the Model 3 includes a streamlined front end, representing the first major design update since the sedan entered production six years ago. Notable enhancements comprise an upgraded interior featuring a new rear touch screen, additional speakers for the sound system, and customizable ambient lighting. In the electric vehicle (EV) market, Tesla continues to assert its dominance, capturing a significant share of US EV sales. In 2023, EVs accounted for 7.6% of the overall vehicle market, up from 5.9% in 2022.

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Tesla, in particular, played a substantial role, securing 55% of EV sales and 4.2% of total vehicle sales in the US. As the automotive landscape evolves, Tesla's ongoing innovations and market presence continue to shape the trajectory of electric mobility.


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