Palantir’s Crystal Ball

Palantir’s Crystal Ball

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  • Palantir Technologies, the data analysis company co-established by Peter Thiel, is experiencing an exceptional surge in demand for its forthcoming artificial intelligence platform. This has led to a considerable rise in the share price, with an increase of up to 21% early on Tuesday.
  • The company's website states that the platform can utilize large language models like ChatGPT to assist militaries with battlefield intel and decision-making. A demo video on the website shows how the platform can analyze enemy targets, identify hostile situations, propose battle plans, and send them to commanding officers. The platform is secure, and clients can control what data the models access and their tasks.

Why it matters

The potential uses of AIP extend beyond military purposes. A demonstration video showcases how a manufacturing company could utilize it to plan for an approaching hurricane by examining its distribution centers' operations and determining whether to expedite, postpone, or cancel orders. The video demonstrates its ability to predict the effects on customer orders and forecast revenue in such circumstances.


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