PE Money Moves

PE Money Moves

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  • Private equity giants are seeking financial backing from the Middle East as other funding options dwindle, as evidenced by recent developments. KKR & Co., EQT AB, and Brookfield have tapped into the deep pockets of wealthy nations to secure substantial capital for their high-value acquisitions, marking a 24% increase from the corresponding period in the previous year, as reported by data provider Global SWF.
  • This surge in Middle East financing for private equity deals holds significant importance for the dealmaking landscape. In a year where alternative funding sources are dwindling, the involvement of sovereign wealth funds has provided a lifeline to facilitate large-scale transactions. Their substantial financial contributions have helped to overcome the challenges posed by tightening capital availability, thus greasing the wheels of dealmaking. 

Why it matters

The growing reliance on Middle Eastern financing reflects the strategic shift of private equity titans towards these affluent nations as they seek robust financial partnerships to fuel their ambitious ventures. Ultimately, this trend showcases the pivotal role that sovereign wealth funds play in supporting and shaping the global investment landscape, highlighting their influence in driving economic growth and fostering international business relationships.


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