Samsung Going Big

Samsung Going Big

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  • Samsung Electronics announced an ambitious plan to invest 300 trillion Korean won ($228 billion) in a massive new semiconductor complex in South Korea – an investment that is set to make it the world's largest. This long-term commitment is part of the country's ongoing mission to stay ahead in the race for crucial technologies. The investment will span the next 20 years, until 2042.
  • The South Korean government aims to unify its prominent tech firms for growth, with the private sector investing 550 trillion won by 2026 in key fields such as chips, displays, batteries, and EVs. Samsung and other chip companies will form a semiconductor "mega cluster" by combining various elements of the supply chain, revolutionizing the country's technological landscape for a competitive edge.

Why it matters

Samsung is the undisputed king of memory chips, with their semiconductors powering laptops and servers around the world. But South Korea isn't content with simply being the second-largest chip maker — they've made a bold move to compete with the U.S. in the semiconductor market, essential components of everything from smartphones to cars. In the battle of chips, South Korea is determined to get the upper hand.


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