The 100K+ Influx

The 100K+ Influx

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  • Dubai experiences remarkable population growth, with a surge of over 100,000 in 2023, reaching 3.65 million on December 17 compared to 3.55 million on January 1, 2023. The emirate's success in managing the pandemic, lucrative property returns, diverse residency options, and a business-friendly environment contribute to its rapid growth. The city's growth in 2023 outpaces the previous year, adding 71,495 residents. Dubai's appeal to millionaires, billionaires, professionals, and investors has created substantial job opportunities, countering job cuts from the pandemic year of 2020.
  • Reports indicate a significant migration trend, with 1,500 millionaires relocating from London to Dubai in the past decade, and an additional 250 expected this year. The Henley Private Wealth Migration Report 2023 forecasts 4,500 millionaires relocating to the UAE, the second-highest migration after Australia. Five billionaires and two new millionaires joined as well, reflecting immense wealth growth in sectors such as real estate, travel, tourism, and retail. Mega events like Expo 2020 and the UNFCCC COP28 enhance the UAE and Dubai's global appeal, attracting visitors and investors alike.

Why it matters

The government's introduction of new residency permits, including the Golden Visa, Retirement Visa, and Freelance Visa, contributes to the country's attractiveness, bringing in new residents and fostering continued growth.


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