The Dream Team

The Dream Team

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  • Microsoft (MSFT) and OpenAI, the business behind ChatGPT, announced a new "multi-billion dollar" partnership that has everyone talking. While the exact investment amount is still unknown, sources close to the company say the number could be "up to 10 billion dollars."
  • The agreement marks the beginning of a new age of cooperation between the two firms, ushering in a 'technological revolution' that will help accelerate AI progress. Microsoft promises that with the help of this partnership, both firms will be able to reap the benefits of the latest and greatest technologies.

Why it matters

This isn't the first time the companies have worked together. Azure, a Microsoft cloud service, collaborates closely with OpenAI. Investing $1B in OpenAI in July 2019, Microsoft became the "exclusive" provider of cloud computing services to OpenAI as a result of the transaction. As of now, Azure will be the only supplier of OpenAI.


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