The Leaks and The Rumors

The Leaks and The Rumors

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  • Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone 15 models at its upcoming launch event in Cupertino, California. These models are anticipated to include a USB-C charging port, replacing the proprietary Lightning port, aligning with new European regulations for a common charging standard. The change aims to offer convenience and faster charging, and it may come with an Apple-specific marketing name.
  • The lower-end iPhone 15 models may introduce a "dynamic island" with a cutout at the top of the screen to house facial recognition cameras, eliminating the previous "notch" design. Furthermore, the mute switch on iPhones, a long-standing feature, could gain new functions as a customizable "action button." Apple is likely to emphasize camera and chip enhancements as part of the upgrade, with the larger Pro model possibly getting a new lens offering twice the zoom strength of the iPhone 14 Pro. There is speculation about whether Apple will increase price points, considering rising component costs, although the company did not raise U.S. iPhone prices in a similar context last year. Apple's launches are crucial for building excitement and setting the stage for its biggest sales period of the year.

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According to expectations, the iPhone 15 will also be lighter than the previous generation, due to the replacement of stainless steel from which the body of the device is made with titanium, which is more solid and shock-resistant, and at the same time lighter than stainless steel.


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