The Recall Club

The Recall Club

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  • Electric vehicle startup Polestar (PSNY) has joined a club that most automakers eventually enter. It’s had its first recall in the U.S. Tuesday evening, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted a recall affecting 66 Polestar vehicles. 

  • 66 Polestar 1 vehicles were recalled Tuesday evening on reports that defective high-voltage batteries may overheat when fully charged, potentially even to the point of setting on fire. The battery fault was apparently a product of the automaker’s battery cell supplier, China’s Forever Energy, with sister company Volvo first detecting the issue back in September.

  • According to Polestar, the company will eventually replace the error-prone battery cells for vehicle owners. However, the parts likely won’t be available until mid-2023. Until then, Polestar plans on rolling out software updates to prevent the batteries from fully charging, mitigating the problem until they can install new units. Unfortunately, this means some owners will have to deal will a slightly reduced range until the new units arrive.

Why it matters

EV recalls have been something of a trend lately. Tesla (TSLA) recalled almost 4 million vehicles this year, largely due to software bugs. Because electric vehicles are more dependent on software to function properly compared to most combustion engine alternatives, minor recalls are becoming more prominent. Many EV owners are learning early on in ownership the importance of being aware of relevant recall orders.


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