The Royal Revelation

The Royal Revelation

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  • Saudi Arabia unveiled the master plan for Riyadh Expo 2030 in Paris, France. The expo will be held near the developing King Salman International Airport for easy access and will consist of 226 pavilions that are designed in a spherical shape, symbolizing equal opportunities for participants.
  • The site will feature a landmark symbolizing "Responsibility for Protecting the Planet," consisting of 195 columns representing participating countries. Surrounding the landmark, three pavilions will represent sub-themes and will also include the Collaborative Change Corner, fostering innovation and collaboration among experts in various fields to shape our future.

Why it matters

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), South Korea (Busan), Italy (Rome), and Ukraine (Odessa) have officially submitted their applications to host Expo 2030, according to the Paris-based BIE. The Kingdom, specifically, has submitted an official application to organize the event.

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