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  • Meta plans to launch a new text-based app this summer, aiming to create the next major microblogging platform. The app will be partially integrated with Instagram, allowing users to maintain their verification and handle. Meta's platform will be decentralized and interoperable with Mastodon. They are targeting high-profile public figures for early access and leverage their existing user base across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.
  • According to a report by MoneyControl, Meta's upcoming decentralized app is currently known by the codenames P92 or Barcelona. Although Meta has not provided extensive details, they confirmed to Money Control that they are exploring the concept of a separate decentralized social network focused on text updates. The aim is to create a dedicated space where creators and public figures can share timely updates related to their interests.

Why it matters

With the market ready for alternatives to Twitter, users may feel weary of creating yet another new account after migrating to various platforms. Like any company, Meta's new app releases and experiences don't always gain traction. Over the past few years, Meta has discontinued several products such as the anonymous teen app tbh, the Cameo-like app Super, the Nextdoor clone Neighborhoods, the couples app Tuned, the student-focused social network Campus, the video dating service Sparked, and others.


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