Voted Out

Voted Out

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  • A Twitter poll asked users if Elon Musk should leave his position as CEO. Musk polled the site's users on Sunday, and more than 10 million responded in favor of him resigning as Twitter's CEO. Exactly 57.5% of those who responded to the poll said he should resign. But Musk, who only 50 days ago purchased the business and put himself in charge, has stated there isn't a successor in waiting.
  • Even though Musk cannot be forced out of his position in the company, many people have severed relations with him as a result of a number of his actions over the previous few days, including the suspension of many journalists after they revealed the banning of an account that tracked the whereabouts of Musk's private jet last week. By day's end, the ban had been lifted.

Why it matters

Musk has used Twitter polls in the past to implement substantial policy changes. He sold a tenth of his Tesla stock in 2021 as a result of one poll, Donald Trump's account was restored as a result of another poll that was conducted last month, and several suspended accounts were reinstated as a result of a third poll.


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