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VR headsets AND foldable devices?

VR headsets AND foldable devices?

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Apple's (AAPL) reasearch and development department has been busy. According to a Bloomberg report, the company recently showed a mixed reality headset capable of both virtual and augmented reality to its board of directors.

The report went on to add that Apple engineers are working on creating an operating system for the device. While the completed product likely won’t be released anytime soon, we may be coming closer to an announcement.

Ready for another juicy rumor? Another recent report claims Apple is testing the use of a color display as an external screen for an unannounced “tablet-like” foldable device.

Why it matters

Don't get too excited. As this second report reminded us, there's a big gulf between testing and releasing, so neither of these products may never make it into the hands of consumers. The rumors have had no affect on Apple stock, which continued to slide last week.


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