What are the various funding methods?

There are multiple ways to fund your investment account on baraka. You can fund your Baraka account using any one of the following methods:

Wire Transfer:

You can go to your banking application and add your baraka account as beneficiary.

    • Log into your online banking account and add a beneficiary for an International Transfer.
    • Use the information provided on the wire transfer page to set up your beneficiary.
    • The account number provided is a unique IBAN number for us to identify your funds. 

Instant Funding

Debit card:

With your debit card, you can deposit to your baraka account easily and quickly and start investing right away.

Apple Pay and Google Pay:

If you have an iOS device, you can use Apple Pay. For Android devices, you can use Google Pay. However, please first ensure that your device is compatible with Google Pay.

Keep in mind that, in some countries, using Apple Pay or Google Pay may not be permissible. 

Countries that support Apple Pay

Countries that support Google Pay

Connect UAE Bank (UAE residents only):

You can connect your UAE bank account in the baraka app and initiate bank transfers, without going through to your own mobile banking application.