What is stock gifting?

What is Income Center and How Is It Useful?

How does the Credit Rebate Program work and how can I qualify for it?

What is auto-income and how can I use it?

How can I find out more about the fees associated with specific investment products on the baraka platform?

Are there any penalties for closing my baraka account or transferring my funds to another investment platform?

Does baraka charge any fees for accessing research and insights on stocks and ETFs?

Are there any additional fees for using baraka’s automation tools, such as Auto-Invest and DRIP?

Does baraka charge any fees for buying or selling stocks or ETFs?

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Does baraka charge any custody or account maintenance fees?

What fees does baraka charge for using its investment platform?

What is a stop order and how can I place it on baraka?

Will the dividend be paid to my bank account or baraka account?

Why are there missing stocks?

Why didn’t my order get executed?

How many time a week is the limit to buy and sell in your platform?

How long does buy order take?

Does baraka provide access to local stock market?

What is stock request? How can I request for new stock?

How do I check if stocks are sharia compliant?

How do I know which stock provide dividends?

What are Market Hours? Can i trade in extended hours?

What is a stock split? and What is Reverse stock split?

What are the tax implications on my dividends?

Does baraka offer dividends? Where can I see my dividends?

What happens if I get flagged as a PDT? Why is my account restricted?

Do you have Sharia Compliant products? Which stocks are Sharia Compliant?

What is SEC & FINRA Trading Activity Fee (TAF)?

What is a limit sell order and can I place it on baraka?

What is a market-if- touched (MIT) order and how can I enable it?

What is GTC and how can I enable it?

Does baraka provide short selling?

Does baraka offer derivatives, CFDs etc.?

Which broker does baraka work with and how are my deposits and investments secured?

How can I change the base currency on the baraka app?

How do I make a trade?

Do I own the stock?

Where can I see all my trades on baraka?

How can I view my portfolio?

What is Auto-Invest?

What is PDT?