What is Income Center and How Is It Useful?

Income Center is a better way to track all of your earned income, down to the hour. Track your earnings from Dividends on stocks, REITs, and Bond ETFs, all in one place. Income Center includes a detailed breakdown of your income, which enables you to track your upcoming dividends and their yields, across different time frames.

How is Income Center Useful?

In managing your investment income effectively, you can benefit from a detailed breakdown of your earnings conveniently consolidated in a single location. Additionally, staying ahead of your investment strategy becomes effortless through tracking upcoming dividends and assessing the contributions of various assets to your earnings, all tailored to your specific portfolio. Furthermore, continuous monitoring of your estimated portfolio yield and overall income over time empowers you to plan your next investment moves more strategically, bringing you closer to achieving your financial goals.

Which Features can I Expect?

Switch between Dividends and Auto-income from the all inclusive Income Center. In the dividends tab, you can see your dividends income, any upcoming dividends and your dividend investments. You can also see any dividends re-invested and discover dividend stocks from the Income Center.

How Will my Divided Income Appear?

Your upcoming dividend income will appear as total earnings occurred across different time frames: Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly. In addition to that, your portfolio yield will appear as a percentage of income your investment portfolio generated relative to its total.

How Do I Activate Income Center?

The Income Center appears on your Portfolio page without the need to activate it. Click on the box for a more detailed view. You can also access Income Center through the Dashboard page.